Tez McClain – “Damn Sh!t” (video)

Tez takes over the radio and vents about all of the “Damn Sh!t” going on in these streets right now.

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Big K.R.I.T. feat. Raphael Saadiq – “Soul Food”

Sounds as good as you would think. Cadillactica is out November 11.

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Late Pass: I’m Finally Listening To God


In case you didn’t know, I’ve been hosting this dope ass party me and some friends created called #PLAYLISTPARTY. Been doing it since May every Monday at Department Store on the corner of Edgewood and Boulevard. It’s a party where we allow people to come to the DJ booth with their smartphone and play whatever they want. Some people play their favorite songs from the past, some play songs they made and some play songs they just heard and figured everyone needed to hear.

Last night some one came up and played this song called “Broke” by a Chicago rapper named God.


Did some digging around dude is got some dope stuff on deck. He may very much remind you of Pusha T, but that’s not a bad thing.

“A New Chicago”

I don’t know how old dude is, but at times he shows his age by rapping about alot of young n*gga shit, but there are flashes of genius story telling and consciousness in the music. You can check out his latest effort The Bible below.

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Father x Richposlim – “Plot”

Remind me of some Bay Area ish. Slap. Richposlim on the first verse is very entertaining.

This is on Father and Richposlim’s 3-song effort Brawl EP.

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Big K.R.I.T. – “Cadillactica”

K.R.I.T. gasses up the spaceship and takes to his new galaxy. Cadillactica is in stores 11.11.14.

Also, be sure to peep Day 1 Radio’s interview with the man himself.

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Run The Jewels feat. Zach De La Rocha – “Close Your Eyes (And Count To F***)”

El-P and Killer Mike get Zach De La Rocha out his cave to Rage on the police and imperialist worldwide.

Mike verse that starts at the :25 second mark is…gotdamn.

Run The Jewels 2 drops on October 27th and they are coming to Atlanta on November 4th.

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Noisey Interviews The Founder and Lead Designer of Pen & Pixel Graphics

Ever wondered who designed all of those classic No Limit Records covers? The classic Cash Money Records ones too? Well, Noisey tracked down the founder of the company (in rural Oregon) and got him to talk about the rise and fall of the company that played a part in changing the way we looked at rap music.

Friendly tidbit: These dudes were getting paid tens of thousands of dollars to do work that people rarely pay more than $50 for today.

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Day 1 Radio Interviews Big K.R.I.T.

Just before he hits the road for his #Cadillactica push we have Big K.R.I.T.. It’s been a minute since any of us have had a chance to sit with the #Alumni representative so we took pleasure in catching up. K.R.I.T. is in good spirits you see because he has a treat in store for his fans with this second studio LP. There are changes in him and his music that we touch on, in addition to his support of fellow Mississippians Rae Srummurd and his checkered past with oversized clothing. DJ Wally Sparks is our shared connect and as always our brother has the ill mix in store. Rei The Imperial is featured on this week’s Mad Fresh 5 and the N.O. native gives us a peek into his latest project ‘Reject Society.’ Also in the yo, we had WLPWR of SupaHotBeats speaking on his new label and upcoming projects from Big Henry and Ryatt Fienix.

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Flying Lotus feat. Kendrick Lamar – “Never Catch Me” (video)

This video is wow. Great job showing that there is a better place than here. Awesome choreography that really tells a story though dance.

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THIS WEDNESDAY: MA! Talks Featuring Ben H. Allen x Maurice Garland


This Wednesday I have the honor of being a part of Modern Atlanta’s MA! Talks series where I will be matching wits and sharing creative inspirations with record producer and mixer Ben H. Allen.

Granted, I’m going to be up there talking, I’m looking forward to learning a few things myself.

This event is free to the public and all creatives and positives are welcome.

RSVP at www.matalksmusic.eventbrite.com

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