Outkast #ATLast Reunion Concert Features Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino and Raury As Openers


Outkast’s long awaited Atlanta show will also feature obvious disciples Kid Cudi as well as fellow ATLiens Childish Gambino and Raury.

Tickets go on sale today (10am) at OutkastAtLast.com.

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Marian Mereba – “September” (video)

Marian Mereba drops a video for the first single from her latest project September. In case you are wondering, she sounds exactly the same (if not better) live. Do yourself a favor and go back and download everything else she’s ever done. You have to buy the new one though. It’s worth the beer and gas money though, trust me.

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RARA – “The Thirst” (video)

This is probably my second favorite song on RaRa’s High End, Low Life project. If you’re sleeping, please wake up.

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Scotty ATL feat. Trouble and Killer Mike – “Pray Alone”

Scotty drops a track off of his upcoming Scion-backed project OTRTSP2 (On The Road 2 Spaghetti Junction). DJ Burn One gives him a horn-heavy affair to ride over with Killer Mike dropping a verse and Trouble laying the hook.

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MauriceGarland.com Interviews Raury For ABL Radio

I got a chance to sit down and interview Raury for Recognize Real on ABLRadio.com. I, like many of you, am still getting familiar with his music as it is very new. He’s only released three songs to the public, but a lot of hype has started revolving around his name due to features in Billboard and the Huffington Post as well as co-signs from the likes of Chris Martin of Coldplay and Erykah Badu. Continue reading

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Watch Now: “Outkast Is Back” Discussion On Huffpost Live

In case you missed it a few minutes ago, me and some other very smart people like Dr. Regina Bradley, Fredara Hadley, Kaila Story and Bomani Jones talked with Dr. Marc Lamont Hill about the return of the greatest rap group of all time, Outkast.

We spoke on everything from their connection to the Civil Rights Movement, how their music made us look at regionalism and why Big Boi does not get the props he deserves, very cool conversation…it gets very good towards the end.

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Day 1 Radio: The Lil John Roberts Interview

Me and my Day 1 Radio co-hosts caught up with world renown drummer/producer Lil John Roberts for our latest episode. John has has toured or played on songs with a who’s who of artists and musicians in his storied career, including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Snoop Dogg, Goodie Mob, George Duke, Jazzy Jeff to name just a few. The Philly native was also instrumental in the Atlanta live music scene with his band The Chronicle. It’s no wonder that he’s just getting around to releasing his debut album The Heartbeat. The multi-genre album is a collection of good songs featuring many of Lil John’s friends (Musiq, Eric Roberson, George Duke, Sa-Roc, Kev Choice, Anthony David, etc.). In this special episode he talks crazy tour stories, coming up under the tutelage of Wynton Marsalis, turning down an offer to tour with Michael Jackson and more.

We even got a funny story out of him about the time he messed around and got a little too high before hitting the stage with Janet Jackson. DJ Wally Sparks adds some dope mixes as well. Listen, share, love and download.

Previous Episodes: Killer Mike | Elliot Wilson | dead prez | Bangladesh | David Banner |


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Translee – Culture Junkie (mixtape)

Translee is always a cat I’ve enjoyed hearing from. His projects are usually so diverse to the point that he can perform songs at the hood club, the cool indie show and the posh live music spot down town and they all come from the same project. His latest, Culture Junkie has him all over the place but it all makes sense at the end. If you ever have a chance to check him out live, do so.

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Wax Poetics Presents: Lincoln Olivetti’s Brazilian Boogie Boss 1978–1984

This shit jammin…

Wax Poetic‘s writer and DJ Allen Thayer put together this dope mix of songs produced by Brazilian musician, songwriter, arranger and producer Lincoln Olivetti. Listening to this is really going to make you wish you were living over there at the time. Amazing.

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A.Dd+ – “Can’t Come Down” (video)

The homie Jabari put me on Dallas’ A.Dd+ a while ago. Never really got around to digging all the way into their catalog but I do follow them lightly.

This song and video right here though? This is what you would call “real.” I know and have witnessed too many cats go out like this. Hopefully somebody out there watching sees that this ain’t the move. Dope story though.

If you like this, check out their latest project DiveHiFlyLo: Every Man Is King.

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