A Day Early: These Are The New ATLANTA Hawks Jerseys

According to the AJC, these are the new Atlanta Hawks jerseys that will be revealed tomorrow. What do you think? I am not a fan of the bright lime yellow/volt looking color though. I’m assuming this is supposed to be nod to the “Pistol Pete” days. Or maybe they wanted to go back to the red/yellow/white days but with a more modern shade. They aren’t as bad as I thought they were after seeing the mock ups that leaked a few weeks ago.

Red, Black and (kinda) Green. I guess they really are trying to connect with the African-Americans? The colors and the patters seem to (borrowing from former GM Danny Ferry’s infamous words) “have a little African in them.” At least they went left with them. By far one of the more eye-catching jerseys in the league. I would’ve preferred a more classic look, but hey, at least it isn’t bland and is void of the color blue which the NBA seemed to be forcing teams to use as of late.

They also stayed with the ATLANTA branding. In case you didn’t notice, none of the jerseys actually said HAWKS on the chest last year.

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