This Tuxedo Album Is Jammin’ Like A Mahfugga

I heard Tuxedo’s first single “Do It” a while back and found it enjoyable. But the Nat X in me kind made me not like it a lot.

One reason was because Mayer Hawthorne is in the group. Back when he first came out and was all the rage of the blog world, I had a few things to say about it (and got some great responses). Everybody thought he could sing, but my ears only heard a white dude singing black karaoke.

The second reason was because damn, how Mayer and Jake One manage to bring the funk back so strong while Black bands are damn near dead and black singers out here trying to be rappers.

But, after listening to the whole album just now, I have to give them their props…THIS SHIT JAMMIN.

Seems like the funk is about to make a resurgence this year. Dam Funk been out for a minute and got some more eyes on him thanks to Snoop Dogg. Bruno Mars had been toying with it and pretty much brought it to mainstream relevance with Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.” I’m just hoping that we get to see some more Morris Day and The Time and Kleer since everyone getting inspired by them.

Seeing this album happen reminded me of my favorite post from “Stuff White People Like” when they said White people like Black music that Black people don’t care about anymore. Sad as it may be that Black folks have all but completely abandoned Blues and Funk (Jazz was just declared the least popular genre in the U.S. too), I guess we have to be happy that someone is at least trying to keep musicianship alive out here.

But yeah, this album is jammin and is worth every penny. How can you not dig this song “Number One?” They said since they couldn’t figure out where (or if) Snoop and Dre sampled a song for “Ain’t No Fun” they’d imagine and write the original themselves. Came out damn near perfect brah.

Tuxedo is available on iTunes or at Stones Throw Records.

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