B.o.B feat. Bankroll Fresh – “Candler Road Shit” (video)

Towards the end of the B.o.B cover story I wrote for Creative Loafing late last year, he and his manager B. Rich inferred that they were going to do a better job of working with more of Atlanta’s “street” artists to show that he still had love for and a connection to his hometown. His newest video for “Candler Road Shit” aims to capture that. B.o.B and Bankroll Fresh hop, skip and jump over a familiar tune shouting out the Eastside lyrically and visibly. I don’t think I’ve seen the Eastwyck Village sign in a rap video in almost 20 years.

(I wish I could remember those dudes names, but they had a video they used to play on American Rap Makers all the time with the Isley Brothers’ “Voyage to Atlantis” sample. It went “Atlanta, I’ll always come back to you.”)

UPDATE: FOUND THE VIDEO. Group was named Xplicit. Shoutout to Greg Street for reminding me. Ha, song was seven minutes long brah.

But yeah, shoutout to Moss B and my potna from Atherton Elementary school Cru from Super Sounds Music for making an appearance in the B.oB video. Really doesn’t get more Eastside than that.

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