B.o.B Covers Creative Loafing

This week pop rap superstar and Decatur’s own B.o.B is on the cover of Creative Loafing. Yeah, I wrote the story.

I’ve been following B.o.B’s career damn near since the day it started. When I was an editor at Ozone Magazine (what’s up Julia) I wrote his first story, ever. We did the interview while he was in New York, in a car, on his way to the Atlantic Records office to sign his recording contract back in 2006 (what’s up TJ).

Since then it’s been an up and down (mostly up) ride for B.o.B. Granted it took four years for him to release his debut album and he’s gone on to achieve international success since then, but it always kind of felt like people didn’t know him or anything about him. People just knew him as the guy who sings “that song” and usually people wouldn’t realize that until B.o.B introduced himself to them directly. I wouldn’t go as far to say that he was a faceless superstar like say, FloRida. But he is definitely in the same lane as another Atlanta star who gets money but not always props: Ludacris.

Outside of Outkast, Luda is probably the most successful rap artist to ever come from Atlanta. Hell, beyond that, Luda is probably the most successful Southern Hip Hop artist ever. But, outside of his (millions of) fans, it’s rare that his name pops up in anyone’s “Top 5” in the media or on the block.

The same can be said for B.o.B, as I noted in the story, since he came out, it’s hard to find any rappers in Atlanta that have done better than him commercially or tour wise. He’s never really seemed to get his props. One part could be because people aren’t able to label him easily. One part could be because he’s kind of introverted and doesn’t talk himself up much.

I wanted to use this story to not only introduce readers to the person behind those hit songs, but to also show that dude has been doing his thing for a while now and deserves to be recognized a little more than he has. Especially at home.

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  1. Tim says:

    Cee Lo and Future both do some pop stuff (not in the same style of B.o.B but similar) and they both get recognized in Atlanta. There is a reason why.

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