Huli Shallone Wants To Un-“Wire” Baltimore Hip Hop

Thanks to cable TV and the news, Baltimore, Maryland has been typecast as a city riddled with crime to the point it’s been nicknamed “Bodymore, Murderland.” But for the last 15 years Hip Hop artist Huli Shallone been rewriting the script on how to live outside of that narrative.

No stranger to the city’s reputation, Huli Shallone witnessed the real life version of HBO’s The Wire growing up as two of his uncles (“Slim Charles” and Bodie Barksdale) were loosely portrayed in the popular series. Naturally, he’d attempt to follow in their footsteps but after seeing the dead end that lifestyle almost always led to, Huli opted to switch his hustle to music.

The decision paid off quickly as within the first couple of years of his career he saw his songs receive airtime on Baltimore radio. Soon after, Huli was gracing television screens across the nation with appearances on Showtime at the Apollo and and BET’s 106 & Park. By 2005, just five years into his craft, Huli was touring the country opening up for likes of Mannie Fresh and Lil Flip.

Capitalizing off the success, Huli released his first solo effort and thanks to the success of his hit single “For My Shorty,” the album moved more than 10,000 units independently, making him one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed artists in the DMV area.

While Shallone can rap effortlessly about the streets, it’s other subject matter that has him being recognized as one of the premier talents coming out of Baltimore. His new single “Make It Twerk” has been spreading throughout nightclubs on the East coast and Midwest, at the same time receiving airplay throughout the Southeast. He also has the internet on smash with his video “Jammin” collecting over one million views.

All of this is backed up with years of music featuring songs about everything from spiritual awakening (“Thank God”) to adversity (“Never Give Up”). Huli shows even more range with songs like the melodic ladies call “Stay” and hood anthem “Run Up” featuring Styles P.

With acting ambitions in his sights as well, Huli Shallone is poised to the face of Baltimore, giving the city a real person, not a TV character, that they can be proud of.

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