ICYMI: Vh1’s #ATLRise Documentary Is Now Online

Vh1’s ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise In the Rap Game is man…

My eyes tear up a little bit just thinking about it. Watching it feels like my entire life was flashed in front of my eyes. I got to witness just about everything covered in this documentary with my own eyes as child, fan, student, intern and journalist. I mean, from writing my first elementary school book report on Andrew Young to learning the words to Kris Kross’ “Jump” to seeing Outkast on Rap City for the first time to staying up to watch American Rap Makers to interning at Hot 97.5 when Chris Lova Lova was turning into Ludacris to being at Future’s first mixtape listening party at Magic City…it really feels like I was a part of all of this history and it was almost surreal being actually included in it. Can’t lie, I’m getting emotional just sitting here typing this post.

This story was told so beautifully. Now, I’ve heard slight whispers and complaints about some names and eras being left out. Like Youngbloodz, Ear Wax Records, the Snap Movement, etc. But, anybody that actually watches this documentary before trying to criticize it (which is where most of the criticism has come from…people who haven’t even seen it) has to appreciate it even if you or some of your folks feel “left out.” Fitting 34 years of history into 90 minutes is a task.

I’m also hoping that this documentary will inspire dozens of others to pick up cameras and document the city’s history. There are plenty more stories to be told. Documentaries like this are the reason I love what I do. I’ve always stressed that Atlanta is more than small amount of stuff you see on TV or hear on the radio 238 times a day. So glad that the pioneers got a chance to shine and share their stories.

Also, if you live in the Atlanta area, there is an accompanying photo gallery exhibit on display at the Rialto Theatre downtown featuring photos of all of the documentary’s participants. Go check it out.

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