Day 1 Radio Interviews Big Gipp of Goodie Mob

As 1/4th of Goodie Mob and a member of Dungeon Family, Big Gipp has always been one of the most outspoken emcee’s in the game. He was extremely candid about social issues, politics and the music industry during our conversation. We also had fun talking about his 20-year career and the upcoming album “Zagga” that finds Gipp reunited with former boss LA Reid on Epic. As always the homie DJ Wally Sparks laces us with some incredible mixes. Listen up and let us know what you think.

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2 Responses to Day 1 Radio Interviews Big Gipp of Goodie Mob

  1. Yura Bryant says:

    Gipp is right. These new age Atlanta artist are soft and a gimmick. I haven’t wrote on my rap blog in a minute but I am about to revamp it and start calling out these dudes on their feminine ways and lack of leadership in the communities. But in reality its the consumers fault because they buy into all this weak bullshit.

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