Check Out David Banner’s New Short Film “Walking With Gods”

Not sure if ya’ll peeped what all the man was saying when I interviewed him last year, but David Banner via his 2M1 Movement is on a mission to “control our images” and make a mark in film and just about any other creative form that impacts our lives. His latest creation “Walking With Gods” is a short film that puts you in the mind of the old Brothaman comics from back in the day.

The official synopsis explains the series as:

The series centers around the main character, Aket Heru, who is betrayed by his brother Liel after it is discovered that Aket will become king after their father dies. Aket is stripped of his memory by Setus, an evil spirit, becoming completely unaware of all his powers. Setus goes on to kill everyone in Aket’s family, but keeps Aket alive for thousands of years simply for his own entertainment. Aket becomes known as Alex Light.

Eventually, Alex Light, becomes awakened to his abilities and goes on a mission to break the curse.

If you’ve read W.E.B. DuBois The Souls of Black Folk…then yeah, you’ll dig this.

He has released a four-part chapter from the film and he is encouraging you to donate to the production if you want to see more. After watching this, I don’t think you’ll have a problem coming up with something to donate to the cause.

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