EarthGang – “Shallow Graves For Toys” (album)

Atlanta-duo EarthGang (Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot) released their latest project Shallow Graves For Toys last night and it’s pretty dope. If you’ve been checking out what I’ve been posting on them, then you should know that this is probably their strongest effort to date. The production is more daring, the ideas are more crisp and where they may have come off as slight know-it-alls on previous efforts, on SGFT it sounds like they admit that they still have a bit more to figure out at points throughout this album…which is wise in and of itself. So far my favorite song is “No Peace.” I especially love the part where Johnny Venus says: “Since I’m from Atlanta, expectations start to pile up, of me pushing some Impala, clubbing weekly til I fallout…but ma’am I don’t do that shit.”

I’m actually still in the process of listening to it for second time, so I don’t want to disrespect their music or your intelligence by trying to write a “review” after listening to it once. I know that’s the new thing to do, but not me.

So, check out the project for yourself on Soundcloud below or download the album here.

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