Might Be Time To Chill On Coke Metaphors In Rap

Happy Black History Month.

I’ve always been weary of speaking on things like this because you teeter along that line of demoting or promoting it, but…

Really, WTF shawty?!?

This cat Eldorado Red has a new mixtape out called White Power that just dropped. Now, I’d been receiving promotional items on this project as far back as last year. When I first saw it I was like “maybe, they’ll change their mind on this.” Guess he decided to go ahead and do it.

He explains the title on the tape by saying “I scream White Power, because when I got the powder, I got the power.”

How profound.

I mean, I get it. Rapping about cocaine has always sounded cool to do because it looks, feels and sounds richer than just being the weed and pill man. And it definitely sounds better than dealing with crack. Even in the movies. Everybody wants to be the Tony Montana “Scarface“…not the Half BakedScarface.” I myself would rather be the one from from Half Baked, if I had to choose…I mean, at least he lived at the end of the movie.

Just to cut down on any confusion, Red needs you to know that when he says “White Power” he is talking about coming up off cocaine, not what “dem crackas talkin about.”

And I’m not going to sit here and act like I’ve never enjoyed rap songs about the “cocaine lifestyle.” Raekwon’s Built Only 4 Cuban Linx, Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt, Nas’ It Was Written, AZ’s Doe or Die pretty much everything the Clipse have put out are a few that come to mind and depending on who you ask all of those are Hip Hop classics. I’ve jumped around in the club to songs by Triple Six too. So I can’t be too judgmental.

And as far as the music on White Power goes. It sounds like what you would expect. Trap music to the Nth degree. So if that’s your cup of tea, you will love it. Buddy is actually pretty witty at times.

My thing is, as if the title wasn’t sketchy enough…your boy Eldorado Red is on the cover doing the Nazi pose too. Yeah, Rick Ross says he’s “got the Justin Bieber, please believe it.” I’ve run out of fingers to count on how many time Pusha T aka Pusha Ton has made a metaphor out of coke. And I’m pretty sure plenty of people other than Pitbull have used Lindsey Lohan’s name in some sore of dubious way. But got damn brah. You really going to pose like Hitler on the cover?

Maybe he’s trying to flip it in some twisted way, like how Lil Jon attempted to do when he posed on the cover of of Put Yo Hood Up with a burning confederate flag saying he was just trying to piss off some rednecks? Maybe he’s trying to take the actual power out of the phrase and gesture the same way niggas say they do when they say nigga, not “niggER?” Maybe he’s trying to crossover to get some of that Hate Music money? Or maybe he’s just a got damn fool?

I mean what’s next, rappers going to call themselves the KKK? Oh…that already happened. Twice.

Are coke references in rap going to stop anytime soon? Who knows. But, I don’t think there are many left after “White Power.” Here’s to hoping this is the last one, ever. Good thing Stokley Carmichael isn’t around to see this.

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