Ra Ra – “Focused” (video)

Alight so, this is another project coming from the A that I’m very excited about.

Ra Ra, who some of you may recognize as Young Capone of So So Def fame, is coming back out, reinvented.

Reinvention seems to be something that’s been working well for Atlanta-based artists as of late with Meathead/Future and Tity Boi/2Chainz serving as vivid proof. But with Ra Ra, dude came out when he was a teen and saw a few things that may allow him to speak for that seemingly “in between” generation that grew up after the Dungeon Family, got crunk to Lil Jon but started life on T.I.’s I’m Serious and Trap Muzik. Meaning that they have the clubs and streets in them, but just as much common sense and regard rapping and rapping well.

I’ve had the chance to listen to the entire project and it’s dope as hell. From what I head, I think the the thing I appreciated the most is that he could’ve made a whole mixtape about “people sleeping on me” and “I hate industry niggas” but didn’t. Granted, he does make some mentions of his trials and tribulations, but it doesn’t overshadow him just making some jammin’ ass music and saying somethings that people can relate to. Plus the production is top notch.

I’m tempted to leak out a couple of songs in my inbox, but ya’ll know I don’t get down like that. But, he does have a song with Big Sant that they shot a video for recently that is hard as hell. I’ve seen him perform it and it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so.

This video for “Focused” is a small taste of what to expect from the project. Higher comes out on September 11th.

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