Freddie Gibbs x Madlib feat. BJ the Chicago Kid – “Shame” (video)

I’m not sure if it gets better than this right now.

The latest video from the MadGibbs project continues right where “Thuggin” left off with director Jonah Schwartz using more symbolism to add art to a story we’ve all seen before.

The video starts off the verse from “Terrorist” and goes into Gibbs enjoying a cool little life getting money selling that white devil to the white girl, or is it the other way around?

Either way, it’s obviously an escape or fantasy from his current reality or truth that comes in the form of a sista rocking a “Jesus Saves” t-shirt who appears to be telling him about himself. Judging from the reaction, Gibbs ain’t trying to hear it and pushes the sista and Jesus out of the door.

What I also found interesting is the actual design on the shirt. It has a cross with a dollar sign. Perhaps that’s another symbol for why most young black men in America push both black women and Jesus out of the door? Yeah, they come at you trying to tell you to “do right” but all they want is your money too most of the time.

Hey, I could be over-analyzing these videos, but I’m enjoying them nonetheless. Can’t wait for the next one.

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One Response to Freddie Gibbs x Madlib feat. BJ the Chicago Kid – “Shame” (video)

  1. Bayan says:

    but it’s the sista who gots to argue, fuss and fight LOL

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