Snow On Tha Bluff (trailer x photos)

Damn near on this same exact day last year I posted a trailer for a film called Snow On Tha Bluff. A flick about this cat named Curtis Snow pretty much taking you around Tha Bluff, Blairwitch style.

Around that time the movie had been getting passed around the hood(s) in Atlanta and grew so popular that the director had to bootleg it to meet demand. Now, after being screened in a few film festivals around the city and the country, the film has be prepped for an official re-release this summer. Here is the new trailer for the movie. Shit is dope. The way they juxtaposed the images with quotes from the likes of Muhammad Ali, Marianne Williamson…and even Rocky, was dope.

While you’re here, check out the homie Proph Bundy’s accompanying photography. Its a part of his Forgotten Atlanta series, but this set was shot specifically for the film.

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