David Banner Talks “Sex, Drugs and Video Games” with MauriceGarland.com

Ya’ll still there? Aight cool.

I caught up with David Banner not too long ago and talked with him about his new album Sex, Drugs and Video Games and WHOLE LOT OF OTHER SHIT. Interview got a little lengthy but I promise every part is good. We’re going to give you the intro part today to get you primed for the real shit coming in the later parts.

Don’t get it twisted though, this first clip isn’t a waste of time by no means. Here we spoke on him coming up in Atlanta in the early 2000′s and how the Lil Jon’s, T.I.’s, Killer Mike’s and Bonecrusher’s of the world welcomed him with open arms. We also talked about his time in Hollywood and how it really ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be. And yeah, we played some 2K12.

He whupped my ass, but you will see why it happened in the later clips. For now, enjoy this one.

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