Video Re-Cap: Hosts Freddie Gibbs x Dom Kennedy x Juicy J Concert In Atlanta

Just in case you missed the Freddie Gibbs, Dom Kennedy, Juicy J show in Atlanta here is some video footage from the meet & greet and the show. As you can see, we had an effing ball up in there. Shoutout to everybody that fell through. And extra shoutout to the folks I put on the list and bought tickets anyway, that’s love and we appreciate it.

Not too much I can say about the show that isn’t in the video already. Juicy J was crunk as hell. He mostly did stuff from over the last two years, but he was still crunk as hell, being that he’s one of the originators of it.

Freddie and Dom granted my wish and did “Menace II Society” together which was dope. And of course, the city of Atlanta gave a demonstration of how you are supposed to behave at a rap concert.

While you’re here check out show reviews from Creative Loafing and Looks like they had a good time too.

Shoutout to Dominique, Buck, XXL, Underworld Entertainment and Open Vision Networks for putting a dope show together…more to come.

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