French artist Fafi & Swatch Collaborate For Limited Edition Timepiece

If you’re going to be late, might as well do it in style. I’m joking, we all know that you are very punctual. All of you street art fans should spread the word about this.

From Release:

Swatch is proud to announce a new collaboration with the internationally-acclaimed artist, Fafi, whose work is known for mixing a strong, graphic sensibility with a vibrant, streetwise energy.

A new, one-off design from Fafi confirms Swatch’s ongoing wish to seek-out and join forces with creative talents whose dedication to innovation and artistic excellence equals that of the famed Swiss brand.

As part of The Graphic Designers Collection from Swatch, French artist Fafi has drawn upon her own unique aesthetic culminating in a watch design that simultaneously looks and feels cheeky and stylish. Combining the uncompromisingly modern finish of sleek black plastic, with the colours and deft curves of the artist’s signature style of mark-making, her creation for Swatch – named Fafi O’Clock (GZ274) – buzzes with sheer personality and confidence.

The enigmatically-named Fafi originally hails from Paris, France. During the mid 1990s, she first began to enliven local walls and spaces with her graffiti art, garnering admiration for her distinct graphic sensibility, which proposed sassy and humorous depictions of subverted feminine stereotypes. Encouraged by her initial success, Fafi travelled around the world – making her mark in Japan, Europe, USA and Hong Kong – and forged further enthusiastic fans far and wide. High profile collaborations with, for example, electronic mega-brands, cutting-edge fashion boutiques, sports labels and make-up ranges all duly ensued, with Fafi’s imagery also being featured in glossy magazines, pop videos and best-selling books. A new-found depth was brought to Fafi’s creative output after she became a mother, in 2007, though her mischievous visual spirit remains as potent as ever in her latest works.

Fafi recalls her earliest Swatch moment: “Like a lot of kids, my first ever watch was a Swatch. I can still remember the pleasure of wearing it and how highly fashionable I felt!

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