Fox Sports Grill Leaving Atlantic Station In April

Not too surprised by this news.

Atlanta Business Chronicle reports:

Atlantic Station is dropping one of its original tenants.

North American Properties, the real estate firm that owns and manages the retail shops and restaurants at Atlantic Station, has terminated its lease with FOX Sports Grill. The company made the announcement on Monday.

The approximately 19,000-square-foot restaurant will close its doors on April 1, according to the company. FOX Sports Grill opened on 19th Street near the movie theater when the Midtown mixed-use development debuted in October 2005.

FOX Sports Grill at Atlantic Station was contacted for comment but was not immediately available.

“We are able to confirm that FOX Sports Grill will be relocating to a new location to be announced in the immediate future, and we wish them the best with their future endeavors,” North American Properties said in a statement.

Since buying the 586,000-square-foot retail portion of Atlantic Station at the end of 2010, the company has focused on shifting its tenant mix to appeal to intown shoppers.

“Atlantic Station is intimately aware of our customers’ desires, and please be assured that we will continue to respond to their desires for the types of restaurants and retailers they have asked for,” the company said.

Several new tenants are set to open at Atlantic Station this year, including the city’s fourth location of Meehan’s Public House and Georgia’s first location of Yard House restaurant.

“This spring will be an exciting time as these new additions open for business,” the company said.

Not too much to say other than after while every restaurant in Atlanta winds up turning into the club. When that happens the food and service usually suffers. When that happens, restaurants start doing stuff like adding outrages tips to the bill to make up for losses. After that people stop coming. Then eventually, they go out of business.

I did have fun most of the times I came, even though it wasn’t often. Wonder what they are going to put it its place.

Shood, might’ve messed around and got the last ever video to be recorded in this place.

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