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I caught up with the guy your favorite rapper is probably afraid of, Alley Boy.

Now, for people who have never met or been around Alley Boy, dude may come off as the straight up boogie man…and for good reason, we’ve seen him do and heard him say some very {insert your own verb} things over the last few years. But, he’s actually down to earth guy. He’s just one of those folks that you really don’t want to cross, as with most people.

Granted, I haven’t always agreed with how the guy goes about (re)presenting himself at times, but dude can rap and makes some pretty dope and genuine music. He is definitely “real” and sometimes, as he is willing to admit, to a fault.

But yeah, I caught up with Alley at the meet & greet for his new mixtape Nigganati. Instead of focusing on the T.I. and Young Jeezy “beef” I wanted to ask him other stuff and show that the dude isn’t in Big Bad Wolf mode at all times.

We talked about what a “Nigganati” is, who is in it and who can be in it. He also spoke on trying to turn over a new leaf in life and really focus on his career. I even got that man to talk about his favorite cartoons. I thought it was entertaining, hope you enjoy it as well.

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