Pill – “Its All On Me”

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Welp. The title of this song is pretty appropriate considering the stuff that’s been happening with Pill as of late. No, the song doesn’t pick up where his recent interviews or twitter rants leave off. It’s just him, rapping.

Rapping. Something I’m hoping we will get more of than anything else when he drops The Epidemic and whatever else comes after it. Something that got everybody fucking with him in the first place before any magazine covers, co-signs, “looks,” or “pushes” came into the picture. Granted, the track itself could use some polishing (or it could be my non-Dr. Dre headphones), but its just dude, rapping.

I snapped this picture of Pill some years ago at Lenny’s. A spot where everybody in Atlanta’s “underground” was performing at the time. Pretty much anybody/everybody you first heard of by reading this blog and a couple of other folks. It reminds me of a time where there was no chain, no sunglasses, no extra, no nothing…just dude and the few that were down at the time. It was literally on him and them. Hell, it might have been less people in here than at the infamous S.O.B.s show.

Fast forward, looks like everything is full circle. From interviewing and knowing Pill for a few years now…dude has bounced back from WAY worst and been in scarier positions than “getting dropped.” That said, now that he appears to be back at square one, I’m looking forward to what he writes in this next chapter of his highly-publicized, frequently-commented, super-blogged, over-tweeted…but still very young career.

Just hope he knows that rapping is going to have to be the priority from this day on.

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