The Cool Story Behind Yelawolf’s “Write Your Name”

So, Wolf’s debut album Radioactive has been out for a couple of days and a lot of people have a lot to say about it. Some are saying that its one of the best albums of the year, some are saying they wish it didn’t have so many “girl” songs on it.

One of the most talked about songs from what I’m seeing is the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced track “Write Your Name.” But it’s not necessarily because people like it. A lot of folks are saying that the song might be the weakest link on the album because it sounds damn near identical to Rick Ross’ “Ashton Martin Music.” Which it does, ain’t no denying that.

But before you write it off as a blatant ploy for the mainstream (which it might be), I encourage you to listen to the song a little harder, Wolf is a dope song writer.

On top of that, the track has a cool story behind it. The girl singing on the hook is named Mona Moua. Yeah, never heard of her either. But Mona is a huge Yelawolf fan…so huge that she tried to see him in concert once, stood in a long ass line, only to be told that the show was sold out. She was so distraught that she wrote and ode to him and uploaded it to Youtube.

Wolf and them saw this video, reached out to Mona and got her tickets to another show. They even let her come on stage with him when he performed “Love Is Not Enough” from Trunk Muzik.

And….she wrote a song about that too.

While, it may look crazy (deraaaanged) to see a fan writing songs to their favorite artist and putting them on Youtube, you can’t deny that the girl has a nice voice. Unlike others Wolf and them didn’t get scared by the fangirl gestures. Actually, they welcomed it with open arms.

After Radioactive was damn near completed already, they decided to give Mona a shot at singing the hook to a song on the album and figured that she would be a good fit on “Write Your Name.” They flew her down to Atlanta, went to Patchwerk Studios and did the song. I was invited to document it but I think I was already busy with other work at the time or headed out of town that day. So I couldn’t stop by.

But for real, this really happened, I’m not lying.

Granted, “Write Your Name” isn’t one of my favorite songs on the album, but this sequence of events does make you look at the song in another light and at least appreciate it for what it is.

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2 Responses to The Cool Story Behind Yelawolf’s “Write Your Name”

  1. southcakc23 says:

    Dope back story and great song…..and it’s a different melody than ross’ maybach music….similar instrumentation….but clearly different.

  2. southcakc23 says:

    my bad….aston martin music….

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