The Unauthorized Story Of Haitian Jack

(pictured above) 2Pac and Haitian Jack

Really…I don’t even know if its a good idea to even post any parts of this crazy ass story on my site, but fugg it. A friend just sent this to me and this story so crazy I don’t even want to say his name either. Reading this ish got me feeling like even my ass knows too much. Feel like the Feds about to kick in my door while typing this. But, this blog called the Spizzy just posted this long ass narrative about Haitian Jack and its either the most explosive story I’ve read in a long time or the greatest work of fiction since E.T. Either way, be prepared to read all of this in one sitting:



A can of worms was opened last week when prison inmate Dexter Issac, an associate of hip-hop mogul/gangster James “Jimmy Henchmen” Rosemon, claimed he was paid by Henchmen to rob Tupac at Quad Studios in 1994.

There is currently a nationwide manhunt for Jimmy Henchman, who is wanted by the Feds for everything from cocaine distribution to murder. Of course, Mr. Henchmen denies these charges.

With the skeletons of the 90′s resurfacing, now is an ideal time to revisit the story of another shadowy figure and Henchman associate involved in the Tupac case: Haitian Jack. For the uninformed, Brooklyn’s own Haitian Jack (pictured above with Tupac) is one of the most feared gangsters ever to walk the streets. He basically strong-armed his way into the inner circles of both Biggie and Pac.

A detective by the name of William Courtney, who had intimate knowledge of Haitian Jack through his investigation, wrote a movie treatment about the infamous urban legend. This treatment has been online for a while now but last night I read it for the first time and it totally blew my mind. Not only is it a gripping story that held my interest from start-to-finish, it also intertwines many famous names and groundbreaking incidents.

Seems it was only available via PDF file with brief excerpts scattered throughout the internet. But below the jump, you will find this document posted in its entirety.

Shit is deep, yo…


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  1. Beka Shakur says:

    Right, shit is deep, just shared it on facebook. 1Luv

  2. BIG THE STORY.Alot of folks may know about some of this shit but it s still interesting. Scolla wrote up a piece about this beef covering all the shit that the media outlets and documentaries failed to report.

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