“Snow On The Bluff” Movie Trailer

So the homie Bem Joiner hit me the other day asking if I’d heard about this movie called “Snow On the Bluff.” Couldn’t say that I did.

But he went on to tell me that it was a movie that had been getting pretty popular throughout SW Atlatna and the whole Westside. So much that the director had to bootleg his own film to meet the demand and keep all the mom & pops and flea markets stocked. From the looks of the trailer it looks like some Blairwitch project comes to the hood type shit.

It takes place in The Bluff (ask an Atlantan and they will tell you) and follows this drug dealer cat named Curtis Snow. It starts with a group of college kids from Kennessaw State, coming down to The Bluff to score some drugs. Like some idiots, the kids let Snow in the car, in The Bluff and he proceeds to rob them and steal their camera. From there Snow pretty much takes you throughout the Atlanta that the news, music videos and Tyler Perry are too afraid to enter.

I haven’t seen the film for myself yet so I don’t want to say too much about it. Stuff like this can be a slippery slope when the whole Testify vs Glorify/Exploit vs Explain debates start. But I spoke with the producer of the film briefly yesterday and the vibe I got from him was a good one. “Snow On Da Bluff” doesn’t have any actors in it. Hell, if I heard right, Snow is either in jail right now or just got out.

The movie will be shown this Sunday, May 1st at the ATL Film Festival and again next Sunday on the 7th. Its also in this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Check out the trailer below. Visit the official site HERE.

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