AJC: DeKalb police beef up firepower

Swiped from the AJC

Gangs and drug traffickers have ditched their pistols for assault rifles and other military-style firearms, leaving police outgunned.

To beef up its arsenal, DeKalb County Police is trading in its 9 mm handguns for .40-caliber weapons, which are more effective.

Last week, the county commission approved the purchase of 1,200 Smith & Wesson .40-caliber handguns to replace the force’s Berettas….

…The $207,475 contract will pay for 1,200 guns, holsters and magazines to outfit the department.

Atlanta Police officers also carry .40-caliber Smith & Wesson guns. The department is considering arming its force with assault rifles, but is still doing research on the benefits of the weapons, said Officer Otis Redmond, a police spokesman.

DeKalb’s SWAT team, which is armed with MP5, 9 mm submachine guns, is usually called out any time officers encounter suspects with high-caliber weapons.

Patrol officers, however, have the option of increasing their firepower.

DeKalb allows an officer to purchase his or her own AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle similar to an M16. The officer can carry it on duty only after passing a specific 40-hour training class and qualifying at the county’s range.

Yep…Dekalb Police are going to be getting more, bigger guns soon. This, for a county that killed more people than the LAPD and NYPD combined just two years ago. I mean, in my experiences, all I ever see and hear of is Dekalb police harassing and shooting folks that aren’t even a threat to anybody. I swear, every time a Dekalb Police officer pulls me over for making a rolling stop or not having my seat belt on…I’m halfway fearful for my life. What you ya’ll make of this?

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  1. QuantumPeach says:

    this soooo worries me! DeKalb gained infamy because of their brutal police and their big ass patrol cars. recently i noticed that squad cars have dekalbpolice.COM on the back as if to imply they operate like a COMPANY. Fulton and Cobb both have domains ending in .org and .gov, respectively. hmmmmm…

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