KICKSTARTER: Help Fund The Dungeon Family Pyramids

The homie Fabian Williams aka The Occasional Superstar has always been one Atlanta’s most innovated artists and now he’s looking to pull off something that will only add to his legacy…and t the legacy of one of the greatest Hip Hop collectives in history, The Dungeon Family.

He’s looking to build a 8-foot tall pyramid paying homage to the crew, that he will also be painting himself. Here’s how he’s explaining his endeavor on his Kickstarter page.

I’m building an 8ft by 12 ft Dungeon Family Pyramid on the Atlanta’s beltline. Why? Well I want to create a semi permanent monument that pays homage to the creative achievement of the Dungeon Family. To me, pyramids are a symbol to the viewer that something significant has occurred here. It’s a reference to mastery of one’s self. In this the capstone is not the all seeing eye but the soul. It will be illuminated by solar powered LED lights but at night, we would like those lights to be lasers. Lasers that will light up as a symbol of the DF creative endeavors and investment in funk.

The pyramid structures that have been left behind from ancient civilizations rival or even surpass modern construction in just about every continent. The Pyramid is a remnant of a society that celebrates the mastery of its architecture, culture and wisdom. The concept of this design was crafted from inspiration of these processes and honestly, Ancient Aliens, a show I watch religiously on H2. Although the original, functional, purpose of this type of structure is unknown, the visceral effect of the architectural mastery is not lost on the viewer. Similar to seeing a sculpture by Michelangelo or the colossal heads on Easter Island, not having access to the back story on the creation of the piece does not take away from the feeling that what you are seeing is indeed lasting.

The Dungeon Family Pyramid will be an artistic homage to their iconic achievements. As nomadic travelers view it, even if they are unaware of the cultural influence of the artists who will be depicted on the structure, it will be evident by the style and representation of the figures that they hold great significance.

In the future, I would like to create monuments like these combining ancient ruins with prominent hip hop artists. I want these structures to be made of materials that would last thousands of years. So when archaeologist find these installations they will know of the hip hop culture that preceded them and it was a mighty thing.

Sound cool, sounds legit, sounds necessary. If you want to support Fabian, CLICK HERE and donate to the campaign, or at the very least, spread the word.

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RaRa feat. Killer Mike – “Frustrated Young Man” (video)

This was one of my favorite songs off RaRa’s High End Low Life (H.E.L.L.) project. RaRa’s lyrics and Mike’s story at the end over the Cody ChesnuTT “Don’t Go The Other Way” sample is the perfect union.

They shot this video a couple of months ago, but it still wound up being timeless as they were able to incorporate the song’s message with the recent Mike Brown shooting and the reaction that followed in Ferguson, MO.

If you’re still sleeping, pick up RaRa’s High End Low Life album right now.

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Run the Jewels – “Blockbuster Night Part 1″

Tuck your chains, hide your wallets..Run the Jewels is back with the first clip from their sophomore effort to be released on Mass Appeal Records.

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T.I. feat. Skylar Grey – “New National Anthem”

T.I. adds his two cents to the state of America right now.

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Killer Mike Talks #Ferguson On CNN

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Raury- “Cigarette Song” (video)

New video from the ever-so-elusive Raury.

Previously: Maurice Garland Interviews Raury for Recognize Real on ABL Radio

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EARTHGANG – “The F Bomb” (video)

Anybody that’s been around these parts knows I’ve been digging Earthgang for a minute. This was actually the first song of theirs I heard. It was at a show at Space 2 back in 2012. Of course the song is good, but it was more so the way they performed it that made me want to look for more of their music. Haven’t been let down since.

They’ve released many videos before this, but this one seems to be a pretty big deal since Noisey decided to premiere it. If you slept on their Shallow Graves For Toys project (back when it was free), you can still check it on iTunes.

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Day 1 Radio Interviews Tha Bizness

This week the Day 1 Radio crew is joined by Grammy winning producers Tha Bizness. Dow Jones and Henny are responsible for some of the hottest tracks from people like Lil Wayne, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Killer Mike and many more. The Bizness also have their hands in other creative realms and they share it all with us on this episode. Dope mixes by DJWallySparks as usual. And later, ABL Radio’s music director Bem Joiner chimes in when the Day 1 team speaks on the best concert each of us has ever attended. Share, Download and leave Feedback!

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One Music Fest 2014 Line-up Announced: Kendrick Lamar and Nas Headlining

The homie J Carter is not playing around with ya’ll. Every year he’s done One Music Fest, I’ve asked myself just how he is going to top the previous year. Last year he had Snoop Dogg AND Goodie Mob and Erykah Badu. Now in the fifth year of the concert he pulls THIS off.

Look at this line up brah! You’re going to be mad as hell if you miss this one. Trust me. Keep your eyes peeled around these parts, I’ll have a pair of tickets to give away pretty soon. BUT, don’t wait for that. If you want to guarantee that you’ll be at this epic show, BUY TICKETS HERE.

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The Art Behind The Tape: J Period Explains How Mixtapes Became The New Album

When it comes to creative,artists based mixtapes,there is no better than Dj J Period. To call his tapes,”Best of’s” would be a complete understatement. To call his artwork anything but extraordinary,would be a travesty.

Dj Mars took a trip to the planet of Brooklyn to discuss the creative direction behind some of J Period’s classic covers. In addition to sitting down with J, Mars also caught up with the designer himself, Fuse Green.

Take a look at the latest installment in the “Mix Behind The Tape” series.

To pre-order your copy of The Art Behind the Tape, CLICK HERE.

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