B.o.B – “Many Rivers” (video) x No Genre 2 (mixtape)

B.o.B drops a new mixtape in support of his new label No Genre and to let you know that he’s still a pretty good damn rapper. Sounds like he’s continuing his current mission of showing folks that he’s capable of making music from every genre, but would also like to hear his music played in places that people his age hang out at. Around the time his last album Underground Luxury dropped, he said he felt a certain way about how when he’d come back home from touring the world, he didn’t hear his own music playing in the club. “We Still In This Bitch” and “Throwback” seemed to solve that problem for him. Looks like he liked that feeling, a lot.

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LE$ – “Ace” (video)

Been riding to LE$ music for a few years now and it’s always jammin’.

He’s about to drop a Paid In Full themed project with production unit Cookin’ Soul called Ace. Check out a couple more tracks below. Continue reading

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Scotty ATL – #OTR2SJ (On The Road 2 Spaghetti Junction)

Scotty ATL dropped his long-awaited #OTR2SP project today with some assistance from Scion. Check out the sounds and tracklisting below. Continue reading

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Raury’s “Raurfest” Re-cap (video)

A couple of weeks ago Atlanta’s current attention grabber Raury hosted the “Raurfest” which doubled as both his 18th birthday and his first ever “official” live show in Atlanta, or anywhere for that matter.

Every “tastemaker” from far and wide came out to see what all of the hype was about, and I’m assuming some of them left pleased. As for the ones I actually talked to myself (DJ’s, promoters, record label people), most of them said things like “I don’t know if I like it yet” or “trying to figure it out” or “shit cool.”

Even more question marks have surfaced after Raury was announced as an opener for Outkast’s Atlanta reunion concert and popped up on the cover of Creative Loafing’s Music Issue. Many are already crowning him as Atlanta’s musical savior while others are still like “who is this?”

Which could be a good thing. I haven’t heard this many people from every angle (hood clubs to hipster spots, of all ages) asking about the same person in a while. Well, actually…there was a similar reaction for Trinidad James who had a similar start two years ago.

There wasn’t as much hype around Trinidad’s second mixtape (shied, second video actually), because well, the luster of the gold had worn off. It wasn’t anything that Trinidad did himself, people just lost interest and it didn’t sound like his second effort was a good as his first.

With Raury, it’s still too early to tell how his music will develop or how long the “hype” will sustain itself. After all, he’s only released three songs. Guess we’re all about to go on an adventure.

Previous: Recognize Real Interview With Raury

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Jay Bilas Finally Meets Young Jeezy and Explains “I Gotta Go To Work” Tweets

ESPN’s Jay Bilas tweets out Young Jeezy lyrics every morning and ends them with “I gotta go to work.” VIBE magazine brought them together for the first time.

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Day 1 Radio Interviews Wendy Day of Rap Coalition

This week on Day 1 Radio, we sat with the influential Wendy Day to discuss what it means to help rappers think clearly about the bum deals they’re signing. Having founded her non-profit Rap Coalition in 1992, she’s responsible for wheelin’ and dealin’ some huge negotiations for imprints to include P’s No Limit and Cash Money’s Universal deal. Day’s the definition of ‘trendsetter,’ definitely doing it for the culture.

Here, she tells us why she suggested one of rap’s greatest, Eminem, hide his face on his debut and how you indie artists should be moving out here in these streets. Mixes by DJ Wally Sparks as always and later we discuss Ab Soul’s new one. Hit the ‘play’ button and like or download if you’re with it. Also, don’t forget to download that AB+L Radio app.

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Scotty ATL “What’s The Formula” (prod. by Childish Major)

Scotty drops another track from his upcoming EP Scion AV Presents: OTR2SJ. I heard this song for the first time last fall when he debuted it at the Creative Loafing Best of Atlanta concert, glad he finally dropped it.

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Matik Estrada x Childish Major – “Family Matters” (video)

Child hood friends Childish Major and Matik Estrada are hooking up to put out a collaborative effort called Community Service on August 15. This is the first single. Both of them are from Edgefield, South Carolina but are making their music moves in Atlanta. If the rest of the project sounds anything like this, I’m definitely checking it out.

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Day 1 Radio Interviews Ray Murray Of Organized Noize

Day 1 Radio on ABLRadio.com sat down for a rare interview with legendary producer Ray Murray of Organized Noize Productions. As one 1/3 of Organized Noize, Murray has produced some of Outkast and Goodie Mob’s most memorable hits as well as TLC’s “Waterfalls” and En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go.” Co-hosts Maurice Garland, Nadine Graham and Branden Peters sat down to talk with him about everything from ‘Kast’s early days to corporate America’s impact on Hip Hop and on if he has any Outkast tickets for the Atlanta reunion show (he might). If you’re game for a intellectual conversation about this culture that we all know and love, this is the show to tune in to. Click above to listen.

And of course, tune into to ABLRadio.com

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Big Gipp feat. Cee-Lo Green – “Shine Like Gold”

Got a text the other day from a friend saying Gipp was dropping an album in August. Texted Gipp and he confirmed. This the first single.

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